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Snapshot of Rebecca

As a self taught photographer, I became exposed to photography as a youngster growing up in Queens. My inspiration came from my uncle who was known as the unofficial family photographer. Always eager to capture our lives through his film camera, my uncle is the reason for so many fond memories that my family and I are able to share.

As family and friends around me have began celebrating important milestones, I turned to photography to document these changes. The ability to share such important moments helped me discover this passion! I now want to provide the same happiness that my uncle bestowed upon my family to my clients.

It is rewarding to see the range of emotions that a photograph can evoke and it's always an honor to have clients allow me capture the most important parts of their personal lives.

So all that to say, I love photography!

Some other things I love:

Dancing off beat to any kind of music

Corny jokes

Watching every cooking show created

Failing at recreating dishes made on those shows

Brooklyn block parties

Doing impersonations of my mother with her Haitian accent

Laying idly in the sun

Photographing weddings while simultaneously dancing off beat

Please get in touch with me to learn about my availabilty or learn about some of the other things I love!

2015 Rebecca Emmanuelle Photography